Life Tips: 5 rules of fast fat loss Alpha Rise Health

Life Tips: 5 rules of fast fat loss

Forget all you have read about how to lose weight and get a ripped six-pack and follow these five rules that guarantee you results.

Rule #1: Burn more calories than you eat

Weight loss is actually really simple: it is all about burning more calories than you consume, and it will make you drop pounds. There are still so many guys that still underestimate how much they eat and overestimate how many calories they burn. Keep a food journal for a week and avoid the guesswork. Count up exactly how many calories you’re averaging.

Of course, we’re not saying to cut out dinner. But start cutting back on your portion sizes and limit your carbs. Junk or processed food you’re eating should be the first to cut out.

Rule #2: Eat more protein

High-protein foods are the most important ones for losing fat. It is because, first, they keep you feeling full, which helps you to avoid overeating and snacking. Second, when it is accompanied with weight training, a high-protein diet prevents muscle loss. Third, they boost your calorie burn throughout the day because protein takes more energy to digest than carbs or fat.

Rule #3: Eat more healthy fats

Not all fat in add up to fat around your waistline. There are exceptions such as animal fats, nuts, real butter, coconut oil, and avocados help reduce hunger and maintain optimal testosterone production. Without enough fats, your results and libido will decline.

There is a key advice; eat more healthy fats and cut back on carbs.

Life Tips: 5 rules of fast fat loss Alpha Rise HealthRule #4: Get stronger

Many people still think the key to fat loss is cardio. But the truth is that even if cardio can help you burn a few calories, it does nothing to develop the muscles underneath your fat. Too much cardio along with a caloric deficit can also cause you to lose muscle and make you weaker.

Rule #5: Sleep at least 7 hours a night

It is important to get at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep every night because cutting back on sleep increases levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which causes fat storage.