Manly Hobbies Series: Bowling Alpha Rise HealthManly Hobbies Series: Bowling

Some of the most iconic TV and movie men, such as, Homer Simpson, Ralph Kramden, and Fred Flintstone had something in common, what was it? They all bowled. Back in the 1950s, men used to flock to bowling alleys to join league teams. It was a really great way for men to spend some time with other men, drink some beer, and smoke a cigar. This place became a sanctuary of masculinity for men that were in homes that were feminized by the constant presence of the stay-at-home mom. What’s great about it is that it’s a hobby you can share with your buds without spending a big amount of money. Also, it gives you a good excuse to wear a kick-ass, manly bowling shirt. So what are you listening to? Call up your buddies and put a team together.

Manly Hobbies Series: Bowling Alpha Rise Health