The best revenge is massive success Alpha Rise Health

The best revenge is massive success

When we see someone who wants revenge, usually we see someone who is hurt or has been betrayed by his parents, a brother, a lover, or even the society. They decide that their pain authorizes them to hurt others. Somehow they believe that if they hurt someone else they will be relieved of the anger they feel inside. But, it does not work that way.

The attempt to correct the damage by taking revenge only leads deeper into the wounds.

Very often people use their pain to stay small and closed.

Taking revenge won’t heal the wounds; success is the only real revenge. It is the healing elixir for any broken heart or bruised ego. Success redeems any penalty, and it is the best balm for the wounds we have endured throughout life.

If you are angry at the injustices of your past, it’s time to stop and show how wrong they were about you. It’s time to become the greatest version of yourself and be what you were supposed to be, instead of being stuck in an old wound that keeps us living below our potential, day after day.

There is no time to cling to the past. All we can do is recognize our wounded, angry and vengeful feelings, and make another decision, such as “I’ll show you … watch me!”

The best revenge is massive success Alpha Rise Health