Manly Hobbies Series: Boxing Alpha Rise Health

Manly Hobby: Boxing

Boxing is a form of strength training exercise which is chosen by many people, including the Hollywood stars. We all entered the gym when dreaming of a healthy body, and of course, we’ll also have to do a lot of hard work to get the body we want.

Boxing has all the fitness benefits that men train for: Physical endurance, muscle strength and martial arts skills. It is also a great way to reduce stress.

Boxing is not a new sport; it has been tested and certified to be effective physical training. And now, women also tend to practice this sport.

Boxing makes every part of the body active, from the brain to muscle strength. In addition, it also makes the body more supple and agile, while developing the ability to coordinate the parts of the body as well as its reflexes. Boxing is not just about punching and dodging, it’s about using the right technique: use the power of the toes, and then through the legs and hip, and finally throw a punch.

60 minutes spent in practicing boxing is equal to the effect of running 9km on treadmills!

So boxing is an option if you want to have an intense yet less traumatic training. Strength, endurance, balance, and speed are the physical benefits that boxing can bring. If you are trained properly, you will get the flexible mobility as a gazelle and get the strength of a rhinoceros!