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Manly Hobby: Homebrewing beer

It’s amazing that there are so many brands of beer starting from such a small amount of ingredients. The base beer recipe contains: water, barley malt, hops and yeast.

Anyone can brew at home, the preparation is not as industrialized as the ones that most of recognized brands follow, but that does not make it any less special, on the contrary, the use of manual methods, homemade instruments and variables which involves working with formulas created by each person makes the result a unique and unrepeatable product.

Some reasons for brewing at home are:

  • It’s easy and fun.
  •  It is an activity to surprise your friends and spend time with them.
  •  It shows your creativity brewing according to your own tastes and recipes.
  • It is a hobby with a result.
  • Probably no one you know makes its own beer. You will be a pioneer in something new
  • Your beer will make you feel something special.
  • You will discover a new world

Brewing beer at home is far more complex than making homemade bread; you have to have time and desire to do so. It usually takes seven to eight hours to get ready to ferment, then after 4 to 8 days you will have to start the bottling of fermented grape juice, representing at least 2 hours, if you’re well organized. Finally only you can taste the beer after 9 months of waiting, or 3 months for more anxious but will not be as good.