Kissing can boost immune system Alpha Rise Health


The first kiss is always special, but every kiss you give to a desired person is good for both and provides great health benefits.

Kissing makes we burn calories, not only by movement but by the emotions that flow, which can speed up the heart rate to 70 to 140 beats per minute. Thus accelerates metabolism and burn more calories.

After all these reasons, there is no doubt that kiss lengthens life. The only requirement is that kisses are sincere and are given regularly, but it is important to remember avoid kissing people, who you know that they are suffering from any disease, or that they have a bad oral hygienic.

The next time you kiss your girl you can be removing any pain from them or helping your cholesterol level, among other healthy contributions. For example, both are fighting the appearance of wrinkles, because when you are kissing both of you exercise various muscles of the face, and obesity, as a passionate and warm kiss also helps you to lose calories.

Also, when you kiss someone you enter somehow in their world and let that person go to yours, in a kind of sensual and erotic adventure that awakens many feelings. Thus, your body responds to these stimuli differently, generating favorable health reactions, beginning with your immune system strengthening or defenses.