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How many times should I lift per week?

That’s a common question men ask themselves often, in response to it Brad Schoenfeld recommends lifting three times per week if you are looking for total-body training and want to maximize your gains.  Also, an ideal weekly schedule for working out requires separating your training into upper and lower body days, do two lower-body days and two upper-body days per week.

The science behind health and fitness is crazy and ever-changing, whether you are looking to put on size, lose weight, gain strength or maintain, a number of times per week that you train is directly correlated to your results, that’s because it’s hard to fit in the work required to build muscle into just a few workouts per week.

The frequency of training is one of the variables that greatly can affect the effectiveness of training. However, it is also one of the least studied and where major discrepancies found between professionals. Keep in mind that if you are training for size, you should increase your total weekly volume because our muscles have a limit that they need to hit every week so that they each receive an enough amount of training in order to make them grow.