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What is a Mancave?

These rooms are considered by men like some kind of sanctuary at home, because this becomes a place reserved for them to remain in a solitary condition, away from the rest of the household in order to enjoy what he likes to do (work, play, or simply do nothing) without interruption.

Generally, the decoration of these rooms is entirely in the hands of man, according to his taste without any female influence. The “last bastion of masculinity” is how Paula Aymer of Tufts University calls it.

While in a room decorated by women we see many decorative details, decorated, candy colors, glass and curved elements, for example. Male rooms bring decorative details related to their hobbies, rough finishes, solid, strong and linear furniture. Predominant functionality but without neglecting aesthetics.

The colors more related to male decoration are neutrals like gray or beige, cool tones like blue or green. And, some warm colors like orange or burgundy red oxide generally as decorative accents.

All you need is a small space at home and let imagination and creativity fly!.