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Manly Hobby: Gardening

Gardening is regarded as a branch of art that deals with the design of gardens and the practice of cultivating them. Gardening can be done both in open (outdoor) as well as in enclosed spaces such as in small spaces inside a house, internal areas of a building, etc.

Gardening is divided into horticulture, which is the cultivation of vegetables; arboriculture, which is growing fruit trees; floriculture, which refers to growing flowers and nursery care where small shrubs and trees are grown.

Gardening is done by a matter of taste because you enjoy and feel pleasure in performing tasks of care and maintenance of gardens, which can satisfy some kind of need, which can be aesthetic if you want to have a colorful home with a colorful and attractive natural space.

Gardening is a small-scale activity where the activities are in general always manuals and it rarely requires the use of electronic tools, but rather they are manual and mechanical use: wheelbarrows, shovels, and sprinklers small, rakes, among others. In addition, it is common in gardening that activities related to the care of plants are much more intensive, putting the focus on each of them and often making homemade compounds that help fight insect pests or parasites that affect the plants.