Manly Hobby: Golfing Alpha Rise Health

Manly Hobby: Golfing

This is a very competitive activity that requires a lot of concentration. It is an opportunity for young and old people to make new friends while sharing a pleasant and relaxing time.

It is a very different from other sports; you may not feel the adrenaline of the moment but it is a challenge against yourself every time you hit the ball.

This is a sport to make friends, it is ideal to generate talks, jokes and enjoy being in beautiful outdoors, and in contact with nature, it refers you to a warm and serene environment.

To play, each player has its own set of golf sticks, which will use depending on their level of play and field requirement.

In 1744 the first association of players in Scotland was founded, and in 1745, also in the UK, the first regulation course was created. The first golf associations were the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (1744) and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (1754).

It is believed that the modern game of golf was originated in Scotland in the fifteenth century. This sport was part of the Olympic program twice: in the Paris Games 1900 and for the last time in St. Louis 1904, where only men’s competitions and the United States and Canada were made were the only participants. Rio Games in 2016, after 112 years away, golf returns to the Olympics.

Manly Hobby: Golfing Alpha Rise Health