Manly Hobby: Knife making Alpha Rise Health

Manly Hobby: Knifemaking

Knives have something special that is really difficult to explain. It may be because; they can become in so incredible works of art. The point is that the method of handcrafting is a really fascinating, beautiful and hypnotic process.

The first step would be to decide what type of knife we want, what we are going to use and then choose the necessary materials for making them. For the blade it is advisable to use stainless steel for its hardness and corrosion resistance; in some cases, alloys are used to improve flexibility and, in general, the properties of the knife.

Of course, there are tricks that can make the task much easier as for example, when choosing steel sheet, take a part that has the same thickness for both the part that corresponds to the blade to the handle and the knife will balance.

Once we have prepared steel sheet, we have to subject it to heat treatment to shape it, this task needs almost as much imagination as experience. As a final touch, we can keep our initials on the handle, if we cannot do it on the knife blade.

Manly Hobby: Knife making Alpha Rise Health