Manly Hobby: Photography Alpha Rise Health

Manly Hobby: Photography

This must be one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It is one of the activities that have to do with creativity, taste for aesthetics and the desire to portray any particular time or a beautiful image. While it is a passion for many, it requires expertise and capacity to understand certain codes of communication to visually express an idea or intention.

The photograph currently not only represents an exact moment, because that reflected reality can be retouched and redesigned thanks to many software prepared for it.

In addition, technology and the digital world offer different options for taking pictures, in some way it is a ‘democratization’ of this art. Not like before, when access to conventional photography (analog) was limited to a small group of people, now a camera is relatively accessible to many of us.

Manly Hobby: Photography Alpha Rise HealthThere are now more fans of this hobby. Many of these people are professionals in other areas; they gradually began to delve into the world of photography also because there are several courses about digital photography, photo composition, and camera operation. Without going deep into the concepts and ideas of art, we can say that a photo is considered art when is created by the author in order to convey a feeling, expression, moment or sensation.