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Manly Hobby: Scotch Tasting

A good Scotch will bring to your memory a variety of flavors and essences that you have experienced before. They are highly personal and unique to you. There is no right or wrong perception. Comparing the flavors you discover with your friends is one of the most fun and amazing things of this Hobby.

The simplest way to enjoy a good Scotch is pure, cleansing your palate with cold water between sips. Many people also add water to their Scotch, which releases flavors while the liquids are mixed. Try it, but remember too much water can damage a Scotch and placate its layers of flavor.

Simply pour some whiskey into his glass. Take the glass by the stem or base, hold your nose inside the opening (the top of the vessel) and inhale gently.

(An expert would use a special type of glass to feel the “flavor” of a whiskey called “snifter”. It is a glass with a stem, whose opening is narrower than the chalice in the remaining whiskey. This allows steam concentrate and make the most intense aroma.)

Now take a sip, savor it taking  time and allowing the whiskey scroll through your palate for 10 seconds before moving.