Pumpkin seeds and its benefits for Men's Health Alpha Rise Health

Pumpkin seeds and its benefits for Men’s Health

Pumpkin seeds have a high nutritional value. Recent researches show that it helps protect men’s prostate. American scientists suggest that men should eat about 50g of them per day (equivalent to 20 to 25 seeds) in order to effectively prevent the prostate diseases.

The researchers explain that the function of the prostate depends on fatty acids. These seeds are rich in fatty acids, which helps maintain good prostate function. Also, it contains active ingredients that have the effect of eliminating prostate inflammation.

It is also proven that they to improve sperm quality. According to The National Institutes of Health, these seeds contain large amounts of zinc. Eating food which is rich in zinc is not only good for the prostate but also increases sperm count. In addition to pumpkin seeds, other kinds of nuts such as chestnut, peanut also improve sperm quality to a certain degree.