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Men’s Health: Smoking may shorten penis

Tobacco has been identified as one of the culprits that lower the amount of sperm, or “enemy of sperm”. Smoking is also one of the main reasons that make penis shrink.

Everyone knows that smoking can cause many diseases, but not everyone knows that tobacco can also cause erectile dysfunction and reduce the size of penises.

According to the researchers from Boston University School of Medicine study was conducted with 200 male participants, smoking shortens the average length of the penis by 1 cm. Nicotine in tobacco can also cause muscle contraction.

According to Dr. Pedram Salimpour, the negative impact of smoking to the penis also affects the heart. Smoking causes damages to the blood vessels and makes blood flow inhibited.

“This still requires more research, but it seems the danger of tobacco easily affects the penis more than the heart,” Dr. Salimpour explained.

On the other hand, smoking is also a harmful habit, which reduces the ability to produce elastin in the body. Meanwhile, elastin is one of the important factors that help the “weapon” of men reach the perfect length when the erection happens.

Although more research is needed on this issue, scientists recommend that men should quit smoking immediately to prevent this bad habit from affecting them and those around them. Quitting smoking is not simply all about the general health factors but also to maintain men’s performance in bed.

So, even if you do not care about your lung, think of a great sex life that may be affected if you keep smoking. Stay away from cigarettes Alpha Men!