Persistence Alpha Rise Health


It is easy to begin something – a new job, a project, a hobby, a marriage, a significant change in our lifestyle that will improve our health – but it is very difficult to maintain what is necessary to make that effort to succeed commitment. This is why the saying, “Life is a marathon, not a sprint,” is so appropriate.

Anyone looks strong and fast in the early stages, but to remain throughout the long run requires determination, courage, hard work, and a firm refusal to quit even the obstacles we have to face.

This idea of “finishing well” seems to be a recurring theme – even dominant – in the Bible.

Clarify our intentions, dreams and desires is an important part of the process of finishing well. This can range from being the executive leading seller of your company, to be known as a person of high integrity, to be a strong marriage. Once we have determined exactly what we intend to do, then we can take steps to determine how we can achieve our goals. Knowing exactly what we want is key to achieve our goals and dreams.