How Do I Prevent Breakouts after Shaving? Alpha Rise Health

How Do I Prevent Breakouts after Shaving?

Shaving makes you have breakouts? There are many reasons for that irritation, redness, bumps, or zits that usually appear after you’ve clear-cut your man forest. But don’t worry because they’re all preventable.

The first question you got to ask yourself is: Are you using a razor? Bumps most commonly appear after shaving sensitive areas, either with bacteria-covered blades or a clogged cartridge that’s pulling the hairs as they cut. In those areas, try disinfecting your blade with rubbing alcohol before and after your’scaping session.  And If it still persists, ditch your razor for Clippers.

How Do I Prevent Breakouts after Shaving? Alpha Rise HealthUsing scissors or electric clippers with a guard (the most surefire method) should leave you breakout free. If the redness or bumps persist, try using an astringent right after trimming to kill germs and keep them from invading your pores.

If your manscaping routine involves any products besides a trimming device you might check their labels for ingredients you could be having allergic reactions to.

If none of the above works for you, a trip to your dermatologist would be a great idea.