Dwarf palm (Saw Palmetto) is derived from the southeast United States.

Saw Palmetto Alpha Rise Health

Native Americans have known the nutritional benefits of saw palmetto and used it as medication. Over time, the palmetto tree fruit has been increasingly utilized to treat urinary and problems related to the prostate. It doesn’t only help to maintain the normal function of the urinary system, but also is recommended as sources of fatty acids which maintains reproduction and maximum support from the excretion of urine flow.

Some studies show that the quality of this herb affects levels of testosterone and the enzyme 5-alfa reductase reduce – the most important enzyme involved in the metabolism of sex hormones. This enzyme converts testosterone to transform to dihydrosteron (possible operation of the male sex hormone), stimulates the multiplication and growth of prostate cells leading to prostate hypertrophy. The extracts from the American dwarf palm tree includes original oil metabolite (sitosterols, or phytosterols) which uses this enzyme reduces and inhibits the production of inflammatory mediators.
So the oil extracted from the fruit of a palmetto may aid in the treatment of prostate hypertrophy, decreased urination and difficulty urinating too often. Some researchers also added that it also shrinks the actual size of the prostate.

This herb can improve the condition of the urinary tract. The prostate surrounds the urethra, the tube transports urine from your bladder to the penis, prostate enlargement can affect urination and bladder. Therefore, dwarf palm oil rather intimate role in the treatment of urinary tract problems.

Also, the dwarf palm oil supplements can limit and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. According to the statistical studies on animals showed that this herb inhibits the growth of cancer cells. The reports of the hospitals studied and used herbs to help patients recover quickly and limit bleeding risk for patients who had undergone prostate surgery paralysis.