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Every man needs a suit

Formal clothes for men have changed significantly in the last century. Back in the first part of the 1900s, formal clothes for a man was a process that often required a “comfortable” to help a man to change. Change in fashion is only one of the causes behind the relaxation of the term “formal wear”.

Another and maybe more important reason because formal clothes for men have changed is the decline of the places where a man is required to wear formal. Formal attire was required for many restaurants and entertainment establishments in the 1920s and even the 1940s, but today most men who wear formal attire are probably attending a wedding or other special social event.

Many of invitations to weddings and other social events indicate that people should go wearing formal clothes. A petition suit tag is technically considered semi-formal, but most people today would consider it as a formal occasion. A black tie refers to the black bow tie used with this outfit and you essentially need to buy or rent a tuxedo for the event.

One of the lesser known rules of formal wear is that shoes and belts should always have the same color. This means that if you are using a brown belt, then you should wear brown shoes and black shoes if you are using then you should wear a black belt.

Alpha males know that they need a perfect fit suit.